Contact Center

Deep Shrinkage Analysis

Transform The Way We Look At Agent Attendance In Contact Center

Deep Shrinkage Analysis is all about quantifying agent’s behaviour and considering in a roster to accurately predict shrinkage.

  • 29% of managers name absenteeism as their greatest challenge in workforce management
  • Average employee takes an estimated 7.4 sick days per year, while contact center workers are absent roughly 8.2 days.
  • 56% of call center agents used nearly half their sick time for things other than illness

We assume shrinkage can range from 20% <-> 30% <-> 40%. Actually it is not the case, we tend to ignore agent’s behaviour into consideration. Shrinkage can be far low if we forecast with right metrics.

Shrinkage Prediction

Based on historical data and with current condition system predicts whether your employee going to show up on particular day. Determine quantitative characteristics of roster in advance

Know agent’s behaviour better with Deep Shrinkage Analysis. DSA gives you the insight into your employee’s attitude towards work.

Assumption vs. Forecast

Forecast day level shrinkage distribution

Agent Score

Not every employee has same attitude towards work. Ranking your employee based on behaviour helps you choose best agents always.

Agent_Id Agent_Name Agent_Score Agent_Band
10001 Audie Yose 4.47 A2
10002 Dee End 4.73 A1
10003 Amanda Hug 4.67 A1
10004 Willie Markit 4.53 A1
10005 Khan Naved 4.73 A1
10006 Poon, Nitesh 4.73 A1
10007 Kumar, Sanjeet 4.47 A2
10008 Skye Blue 4.27 A2
10009 Hanspal, Harman 5.0 A1
10010 Chawla, Naren 4.37 A2
10011 Nayab, Neha 4.5 A2
10012 Eileen Dover 4.73 A1

Shift Fit Analysis

Assess and provide your agent best schedule to maximise their performance. Female employees show a better fit between preferred hours compared to male employees. Let the statistics decide which shift if agent’s preferred shift.


Benchmark your week, weekday, month and holidays shrinkage.

Actionable Analytics

Quantify agent behaviour to reduce shrinkage over time.

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