When to Visit

Anytime is a good time to visit Naturelife Homestay. Each season has its own charm and paints the surroundings in unique colours thus making Naturelife one of the best resorts in Mashobra.


Shimmering with fresh snow, the spectacular views of the snow- clad mountains would take your breath away. If lucky, you may even catch a snowfall which happens anytime in these months. Winters are a paradox - at 7800 feet one can be outdoors in the most brilliant sunshine (no clouds, except when snowfall or rain is expected and certainly no smog!). Within the Pine shaded Naturelife Homestay however, it is time to be indoors and soak up the cozy ambience.


April is when Nature starts springing back to life. The winter chill is on its way out and fruit trees begin to blossom. The snow views in March are still good enough to take your breath away.


The summers witness hillsides coated with green and a riot of colours as flowers are in full bloom and trees are laden with fruits. This is the best time to be in Naturelife Homestay.


The monsoon showers bathe the hills in the most vibrant shades of green. It is almost magical to see clouds flowing down the mountainsides into the surrounding valley. For fruit lovers, there are abundant apples and pears ready to be plucked off trees. The flowers stand out brilliantly against silver grey mists. It usually does not rain continuously so outdoor activities are not a problem. The views of the mountains are surprisingly spectacular after a rain storm, even beating some of the clearest winter views, because of the dramatic monsoon setting.


The evergreens on the hillsides are still a little green while the fruit trees are in a winding up mode before the Big Freeze. The veils of the Himalayas begin to lift to reveal the most magnificent views of the peaks.